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Tigers, wolves, bears, cougars, dogs and cats - these are just some of the many wild and domestic animals that work with us on the set of movies, television programs and advertising.

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On our website you’ll find all the information you need about working with animals in the film and TV industry, and which animals we work with.

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Animal rights

When working with animal actors on film and TV projects, we adhere to guidelines by the American Humane Association (AHA).

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Our Animals

Wolves for film, TV and commercials

Trained wolf Fevral for film & TV

Fevral (Russian for February) is a 1.5-year-old Caspian Sea wolf. Normally, wolves are extremely cautious with strangers. Scenes that include interaction…

Trained wolf Osen for film & TV

A seven-year-old she-wolf. Her mother was a red steppe wolf and the father a black Canadian wolf. The Alexandrov family trained Osen as an animal actor…

Bears for film, TV and commercials

Trained bears for film & TV Tikhon & Yakov

Twins, born in 2014. Can act as doubles for each other. Currently employed in the Great Moscow State Circus on Vernandsky ave. The two were born in the…

Tigers for film, TV and commercials

Trained tiger Bonyafor film & TV

Weight: 100 kg This female tiger was named after Russian pop artist Viktoria Bonya and is under her patronage. She is fearless, likes snow and playing…

Trained tiger Michelle for film & TV

Weight: 200 kg A wealthy person gave Michelle to Mikhail as a gift after he realized the tiger is not the best pet to keep at home. Michelle now lives…

Trained tiger Channel for film & TV

Weight: 200 kg Mikhail adopted Channel from a zoo in Omsk, Siberia, when she was four months old. Her mother tried to trample her, and as a result, she…

Trained tiger White for film & TV

Weight: 250 kg One of the biggest animals in our company. White is completely tamed, like a dog, very tender and affectionate. He loves children, as he…

Trained tiger Kai for film & TV

Weight: 250 kg Almost pure white tiger. Has something like stripes only on his tail. Kye is of a very rare kind, there are just 130 animals like him on…

Cougars for film, TV and commercials


Weight: 45 kg The cougar named Diesel was brought up by a little kid (Mikhail's son) and used to sleep in one bed with him. Likes water and swimming.…

Foxes for film, TV and commercials

Richard trained fox for film & TV

Richard is 1.5 years old. Due to his energetic nature, he's not yet able to play in static scenes. But when it comes to running, jumping, spinning and…


Years of Experience

Our animals have been starring in feature films, commercials and TV shows for over 10 years. The furry actors work in every genre — documentaries, historical dramas, sci-fi, reality TV, commercials and photo shoots

Unprecedented variety of animal actors

Our company has the widest selection of animal actors in the world. Here are just some of them: tigers, cougars, wolves, bears, foxes, dogs and cats. We also have cows, a donkey, goats, peacocks and domestic birds.


Every project is unique. After the director gives us a task, we select animals to do it. As soon as our actors are confirmed, they undergo special training according to the script. All the scenes described in the script are pre-rehearsed on the set in order to achieve the best results on the shooting day without wasting time.


Our animal actors have taken part in dozens of film and TV projects, as well as countless commercials and photo shoots. You can take a look at the list of our credits here.

Latest News

Yuli future lion animal actor adopted by trainer Mikhail Zaretsky

Mikhail Zaretsky, WildTV's expert trainer of big cats for film and TV, adopted a small female lion.

02 Mar 2019

Trainer Mikhail on filming Tigers

Animal trainer Mikhail Zaretsky lives in a ranch outside Moscow with over 10 predators in total. Taking care of large cats, feeding and training them for…

02 Jan 2019

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