Animal tamers and gymnasts: Alexandrov family

Yuri, Natalya, Oleg, Victoria and Alexander Alexandrovs are a dynasty of artists of the Great Moscow State Circus on Vernandsky ave.

Yuri Alexandrov is a renowned aerial gymnast and bear tamer. 

Natalya Alexandrova, Yuri’s wife,  is a gymnast, dancer and animal tamer. 

Yuri and Natalya have numerous awards, including by the prestigious International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. 

Oleg, Victoria and Alexander Alexandrovs are also gymnasts and animal (bears and dogs) trainers, like their parents.

Oleg Alexandrov — Bear tamer, aerial gymnast

Viktoria Akimova (Aleksandrova) — bear and dog tamer, gymnast 

Alexander Alexandrov — animal trainer, gymnast

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