Trained wolf Fevral actor for film & TV

Fevral (Russian for February) is a 1.5-year-old Caspian Sea wolf. Normally, wolves are extremely cautious with strangers. Scenes that include interaction between a wolf and a human actor are always very hard, if not impossible to do. That's why filmmakers usually resort to dogs, such as wolfdogs and huskies to replace wolves in intimate scenes. 

But Fevral sincerely loves humans. It's a fundamental drawback from nature's point of view, and a major advantage for filming. He knows all basic commands. Fevral is still too young to play lead parts in big projects with serious psychological pressure. But he's ideal for close contact scenes with humans. You can hug him and do battle scenes. 

Fevral hasn't yet starred in movies, but he's been the hero of about a dozen photo projects.


Island Zero

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