Trained wolf Osen actor for film & TV

A seven-year-old she-wolf. Her mother was a red steppe wolf and the father a black Canadian wolf.

The Alexandrov family trained Osen as an animal actor for film since she was five days of age. She was the subject of the documentary «Life with a Wolf» about one of the few wolves in the world kept as a pet.

Osen knows all basic commands, is able to turn the lights on and off, bring objects and search for people. She's probably the only wolf who can play aggression consciously, as human actors do. She practices a grin that makes your blood run cold. 

Osen is capable of playing a lead part in a film. If you need a mystic wolf with endless freedom and will in its eyes, this is the animal actor you’re looking for.


Bonus (2018, TV series)

Alyonka from Pochitanka (2014, feature film)

Book About God (2016, short film)

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