When working with animal actors on film and TV projects, we adhere to guidelines by the American Humane Association (AHA).

You can see the whole list of regulations on the association's website, but here are a few notable excerpts:

  • Our animal handlers are experts on the species they're dealing with;
  • Animals will not be filmed under extreme weather conditions and under any other conditions that may affect their well-being;
  • Animals are transported in a humane manner, in special vehicles;
  • Only animals in appropriate physical and mental condition will take part in filming;
  • Animals are trained and prepared in advance for each scene they're taking part in;
  • Animals must be familiarized with facilities and locations where the filming takes place;
  • All animals must be provided with fresh water, shelter, including from unfavorable weather conditions, and non-stop observation by the handlers;
  • All animal aggression must be simulated;
  • Training and/or cueing equipment must be used safely and humanely. The use of sharp objects, electricity, etc. is prohibited.

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