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Yuli future lion animal actor adopted by trainer Mikhail Zaretsky

Mikhail Zaretsky, WildTV's expert trainer of big cats for film and TV, adopted a small female lion.

02 Mar 2019

Trainer Mikhail on filming Tigers

Animal trainer Mikhail Zaretsky lives in a ranch outside Moscow with over 10 predators in total. Taking care of large cats, feeding and training them for…

02 Jan 2019

Tiger channel gets her eye fixed

When trainer Mikhail adopted Channel, she had multiple concussions and a cataract of the right eye, as her mother tried to trample her.

02 Jan 2019

How to live with wolves: rules from trainer

Viya Lisitsina is an animal trainer with 20 years of experience, who handles wolves, dogs and other animal actors for film and TV.

02 Jan 2019

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