Lion cub Yuli, future film and TV animal actor adopted by WildTV trainer

Mikhail Zaretsky, WildTV's expert trainer of big cats for film and TV, adopted a small female lion.

A female lion cub was recently adopted by WildTV's trainer Mikhail Zaretsky, an expert in coaching big cats for film and TV.

The cub was a birthday gift to the wife of a wealthy man in Perm, Russia. She didn't know what to do with such a gift and contacted Mikhail. Mikhail, an experienced handler of wild cats for film and TV, nursed eight lion cubs before giving them to zoos last year alone.

Mikhail asked his Instagram subscribers how should he call the little lioness. He picked the name Yuli, after an African lioness who lived for 22 years.

Yuli has already made friends with Mikhail's tigers and dogs. She is too small to take part in filming right now, but she will get there.

You can read more about Mikhail's thorough and careful approach to filming wild animal actors in his interview.



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