Animals hire for film, TV & commercials

Years of Experience

Our animals have been starring in feature films, commercials and TV shows for over 10 years. The furry actors work in every genre — documentaries, historical dramas, sci-fi, reality TV, commercials and photo shoots

Unprecedented variety of animal actors

Our company has the widest selection of animal actors in the world. Here are just some of them: tigers, cougars, wolves, bears, foxes, dogs and cats. We also have cows, a donkey, goats, peacocks and domestic birds.


Every project is unique. After the director gives us a task, we select animals to do it. As soon as our actors are confirmed, they undergo special training according to the script. All the scenes described in the script are pre-rehearsed on the set in order to achieve the best results on the shooting day without wasting time.


Our animal actors have taken part in dozens of film and TV projects, as well as countless commercials and photo shoots. You can take a look at the list of our credits here.

We are ready to take part in every stage of your production:

  • Planning and budgeting animal scenes;
  • Animal casting;
  • Special training according to the script;
  • Stunts.

Our animals and trainers have top qualification and took part in dozens of Russian and international projects over the past decade.

We work not only with European and American animals (wolf, bear, fox, cougar), but also with the biggest Asian wildcats — Bengal tigers. We can source almost any other animal actor as per your request.

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